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MBA Middle School Vision

To prepare each student for their high school experience, MBA Middle School strives to provide a rigorous learning environment that inspires student engagement and motivation through a variety of curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities. Collaboratively, we work toward creating a safe, welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and balanced learning environment that meets each individual student's needs.

We are “Committed to Excellence," and we work hard to make this site a primary source for timely information for all users and a main gateway for improved communication between parents, teachers, students and other members of our community.

MBA Virtual Open House 2021
Click here for access to the Open House program.

New School Year Challenges - AppFinity Technologies

School Day:
Arrival time between 7:25 and 7:35
Dismissal time between 2:20 and 2:25

Visit the Somers Public School's YouTube Channel for recordings of all streamed events including:

* The 2021 MBA Promotion Ceremony
* The 2021 SES Promotion Ceremony
* The 2021 SHS Graduation Ceremony
* The Spring 2021 MBA Band and Chorus Concert
* The Fall 2021 MBA New Student Orientation



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Music Coaches Wanted!

Please fill out this linked application if you would like to use your
musical talents to support the growth of our MBA musicians.

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