MBA Grading Practices Information

MBA operates on a 6 day rotating schedule with core academics including Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and World Languages taught on a quarterly basis.

Other unique components of the schedule consist of the following:

  • Double period of Language Arts (84 minutes).

  • Unified Arts program (Art, Technology, and Life Skills) on a trimester basis.

  • World Language:

    • For students in the MBA class of 2026 or later, introductory courses for Spanish (Grade 7) and French (Grade 8) will be offered to all students.  These introductory courses provide students with a foundation for cultural knowledge and understanding as well as language acquisition.  The courses are full year and serve as an opportunity for students to make an educated decision about the language direction they choose to take when entering high school.  No high school credit is offered for these courses.
    • For the MBA class of 2025, students successfully completing the level B of either French or Spanish with a 75% or higher will earn one high school credit and move on to French or Spanish 2 in high school.
  • High School Level Algebra 1 offered in 8th Grade

  • Band and Chorus (gr. 6,  7 & 8) meet everyday (elective).

  • Team Planning Time for Teachers (42 min. per day).

  • Learning Centers for 42 minutes once every 6 days.

  • Homeroom/Advisory period at the beginning of the day.

  • Intervention Reading & Math tutoring offered as needed.

  • Academic Tutoring for executive functioning skill development offered as needed.